Corporate Governance

Corporate governance is essentially a system by which companies are directed and controlled by the management in the best interest of the stakeholders. DSCI’s activities are guided by the Board of Directors and a Steering Committee. It also benefits from the active participation of its member companies. The Board of Directors consists of eight Directors, five of whom are Independent. The Board meets every quarter to discuss policy issues and give directions on the future course of actions. It also routinely reviews the progress of projects, costs and deliverables. The Steering Committee is comprised of security and privacy experts from leading IT and BPO companies from India and abroad.

DSCI, being an industry body, validates its work with the support and feedback from the industry, its Steering Committee and the chapter members who represent various industry verticals.

DSCI has adopted the project management principles for the execution of various projects. The process laid down consists of requirement definition, resource management, budgeting and expenditure and deliverables management. There are defined criteria based on which vendors are selected, proper internal controls have been established to ensure effective utilization of resources. Specific costs saving measures were taken resulting in delivering additional deliverables within the same cost.