The Bangalore Cyber Lab was inaugurated on 3rd January 2007 at the Cyber Crime Police Station CID, An initiative by the National Association of Software and Service Companies (NASSCOM) and Data Security Council of India was sponsored by Canara Bank.

Bangalore Cyber Lab has so far trained officers of the LEA, armed forces, banking officials & other government organizations on investigating cybercrimes. The police officers of Karnataka are greatly benefited by the Bangalore cyber lab and they consult them regularly for any technical advice in investigations of technology related cases.

The Bangalore Cyber lab is upgraded with latest computer systems to provide hands on experience to the police participants in appreciating the Digital forensics investigation. The DeitY (Department of Electronics & Information Technology), Government of India have funded for the upgradation.

The lab conducts special sessions for the Para military forces, judiciary, government, industry and civil society stakeholders. DSCI’s Bangalore Cyber lab is actively assisting the law enforcement of officers of Karnataka in investigation of cyber crimes.


  • Short Courses on Cyber Crime & Cyber law for military officers of the rank of Brigadiers, Colonels at Bangalore Cyber Lab
  • Short course on overview of cybercrimes for Naval Police.
  • Short course on Cyber Crimes as Global commons & usage of technology in detection of crimes for 18 Judges at Karnataka Judicial Academy
  • 3-day course for 435 police personnel at Police Training College, Bangalore
  • Short course on cybercrimes for railway officials at RWF (Rail Wheel Factory)
  • Conducted short course on cybercrime for IPS officers, PI’s & PSI’s at KPA.
  • 5-day Cyber Crime training program for Indian Air Force at Bangalore Cyber Lab
  • Supported CBI Academy in 3-day Cyber Crime training for 24 officers of Himachal Pradesh Police 5-day advanced level-3 program for 30 police officers at CBI Academy. Eight officers from Nepal attended this course
  • Short course on cyber terrorism for Internal Security Division (ISD), Karnataka.