Interface Programs

DSCI is an industry initiative with a focus on best practices and standards for data protection. It aims to raise the level of security and privacy of IT and BPO service providers with a view to assure their clients and other stakeholders that India is a secure destination for outsourcing. DSCI is also promoting these practices in the domestic sector. Besides developing and promoting these practices, DSCI is launching a number of programs to reach out to educational institutions, and security vendors to encourage collaborative working with the IT/BPO companies, and other verticals such as banking and telecom. It is also encouraging similar collaborative platforms for helping the law enforcement agencies in handling the cyber crimes. These programs also provide opportunities to the security and privacy professionals to participate as individuals through such collaborative platforms of DSCI.

DSCI Programs to address the above, targeting different sets of audiences, professionals, industry and institutions are:

  • Education Interface program (EIP): Educational institutions work with industry to identify problems, develop methods and solutions; create research projects and papers, promote new ideas, validate them; conduct workshops and publish monographs.
  • Vendor Interface Program (VIP): Security vendors showcase their products and services, through DSF© and DPF©; and their benefits to the industry; conduct surveys and market analysis; participate in conferences and workshops.
  • Law Enforcement Interface Program (LEIP): Industry can work with Law Enforcement Agencies (LEAs) to share its processes, products and services for training, cyber forensics, and incident handling; industry can benefit from its association with LEA in handling data breaches, and background verification of its employees, among others.
  • Industry Benchmarking Program (IBP): Organizations can benchmark their security and privacy preparedness and posture against the industry practices as revealed in the latest DSCI Surveys.