Industry Benchmarking Program

Every year DSCI conducts an annual security and privacy survey to assess the posture of Indian industry on security and privacy initiatives. The survey not only assesses the best practices adopted by various industries, but also provides an insight on how industry at large is maturing.

These surveys focus on the Data Security and Privacy specifics (in terms of needs, challenges, trends, characteristics, maturity, technology, solutions, regulatory landscape amongst others) of each industry. It is with this background that DSCI is initiating the Industry Benchmarking Program (IBP) which will assess the organization preparedness against the industry benchmark.

The IBP initiative provides an opportunity to organization to showcase their practices to their global clients. It provides an assurance to the consumers on the security and privacy preparedness against industry benchmark.

Benefits of Industry Benchmarking Program

  1. Improve security and privacy preparedness against industry standards
  2. Showcase security and privacy preparedness against industry benchmark to
    1. Global clients
    2. Consumers
    3. Regulatory bodies
  3. Enhance trustworthiness to newer clients when it comes to security and privacy best practices
  4. Leverage benchmarking results to match competition