Benchmarking Results 2009

State of Data Security and Privacy in the Indian Industry 2009-10

The Industry benchmarking result is based on the DSCIKPMG Security Survey 2009-10. The survey had a highly representative sample of over 150 organizations from various sectors including IT/BPO service providers, banks and public sector enterprises. Besides the efforts to know the status of information security in the country, the survey has also focused on assessment of privacy practices independent of security and general understanding of organizations about Information Technology Act and its amendments, in relation to data protection and need for interface with CERT-In in the event of security incidents.

Security technology adoption trends to mitigate threats and vulnerabilities have also been analyzed in reasonable depth. It is gratifying to find that the organizations are focused on technology adoption and implementation of latest tools such as DLP. They are also well prepared to meet the challenges posed by mobile and wireless devices at endpoints. Security preparedness of organizations continues to enhance. Once again it is the IT/BPO companies, banks and telecom service providers which are at the frontier of using cutting edge technology and standards to enhance their security. While compliance regulations continue to be a driver for security, the latter is seen as a differentiator too.

This information security survey serves the twin objectives of revealing the current status of information security in the country and at the same time allows us an opportunity to benchmark against the global best practices.

Organizations interested for benchmarking their practices are invited to send in their request to DSCI ensures that the results of the benchmarking program will be kept confidential, unless specified otherwise.