BPO Benchmarking Results 2010

State of Data Security and Privacy in the Indian BPO Industry 2010-11

DSCI is pleased to present the benchmarking results for the BPO industry. The results are based on the DSCI Survey – State of Data Security and Privacy in the Indian BPO industry which had participation from 50 BPO companies. The results of this survey were announced in the NASSCOM-DSCI Information Security Summit on 2nd December 2010. The depth of questions used in this survey lead many to conclude, that perhaps the survey is an attempt at assessment rather than merely a high-level information capture. At DSCI, we felt that this was important with a view to understand the data protection trends, underlying issues and concerns that may be unique and specific to the BPO industry.

The focus, in general is on positioning of security and privacy in organizations; maturity and characteristics of key security disciplines such as Threat & Vulnerability Management, Incident Management, among others. Such in-depth questionnaire was expected to bring out the BPO responses to the rising data breaches globally.

DSCI is pleased to state that the in-depth approach has resulted in findings that are more promising and can help company to benchmark against the Industry practices.. The results of the survey were used for benchmarking organization’s preparedness with respect to the industry.

BPO Organizations interested for benchmarking their practices are invited to send in their request to info@dsci.in. DSCI ensures that the results of the benchmarking program will be kept confidential, unless specified otherwise.