Law Enforcement Interface Program

Cyber crimes are getting more and more organized resulting in an underground economy aimed at disrupting the growth of the nations. These organized crimes are affecting the industry to a greater extent as the customer critical information and trust depend on how secure an organization builds its security infrastructure. Though industry at a large is implementing various security frameworks and adopting best practices, they need the support of LEA for crime investigation and post incident actions.

DSCI, as an industry association, believes that there is a great need for LEA and the industry to work together to tackle this growing concern of cybercrimes. While industry can provide technical assistance to the LEA in cyber crime investigation, LEAs can provide handling data breaches, and background verification of its employees, among others.

DSCI Law Enforcement Interface Program (LEIP) initiative is aimed to bring law firms, and cyber forensic companies, in addition to law enforcement agencies (LEA), namely police, and the judiciary together for the cause of security.

This initiative is a result of demand of the industry at large that is seeking support from all the stakeholders, including, government, LEA and will focus on

  • Working closely with the government on the cyber security policy/legal issues
  • Associating with the law enforcement bodies through the ‘Cyber Labs’ that have been training police officers in cyber forensic capacity.
  • Creating cyber security awareness and education for the industry
  • Collaborating with national and international bodies in respect of international initiatives for cyber security
  • Developing technical and legal knowledge asset for percolating clear understanding of complicated subject of cyber crimes, cyber security and cyber war fare.

    DSCI invites law firms, cyber forensics companies and the LEA to come together and lend their support to this initiative. For any queries related to this program, please write to us at info@dsci.in.

Benefits of Law Enforcement Interface Program

  1. Better understanding of technically sensitive and legally complicated subjects
  2. Technological assistance to LEA in handling cyber crime investigation
  3. Connect the industry with experts in technology and legal matters
  4. Creation of Repository of cyber incident cases which can be referenced for future investigations
  5. Training and awareness program in cyber crime cases to LEA and judiciary
  6. Contribute to the Speedier cyber crime trials