Vendor Interface Program

DSCI Vendor Interface Program (VIP) is an initiative which provides an opportunity to the security product and services vendor’s to showcase their products and services through DSCI.

DSCI is currently connected with more than 550 member companies, which are leaders in various industry segments including, IT/BPO, Banking, Financial Services, healthcare, Manufacturing, Consulting and advisory among others. All these companies are major users of security products and services for their own companies.

DSCI is also connected with close to 1000 security and privacy professionals through its DSCI chapters spread across 10 major cities of India. Many of these chapter members are either decision makers, or are influencers and help their organizations in selecting or endorsing specific security products or services.

DSCI also provides its members and industry at large, advice on security and privacy best practices through it frameworks DSF© and DPF©. DSF is a set of best practices compiled in 16 different areas, which are based on global best practices. These practices provide organizations with various strategic options in respective areas. Many times these strategic options are based on security products and solutions available in the market. Vendors can map their security products and services against 16 areas of DSF.

The vendors can also get opportunity to conduct surveys and carry out market analysis by leveraging various DSCI platforms. The program also facilitates participation and collaboration of vendors in various DSCI conferences and workshops.

Further, DSCI aims to declare security awards in the future and security technology. Most promising security products and leading security vendors are some of the categories of these awards.

Some of the leading product vendors have already mapped their products to DSF Service model and DSF technological model. DSCI welcomes other security vendors to participate and showcase their products for use by the industry. For any queries related to this program, please write to us at

Benefits of Vendor Interface Program

  1. Visibility of the vendor products and services to, industry, security and privacy decision makers and professional user groups; through a body created to promote security and privacy culture in the country
  2. Visibility of Vendor profile on DSCI website that attracts traffic from national and international security and privacy professionals
  3. Interface between the ‘users of the technology’ and ‘providers of the technology‘
  4. Contribute to the education and awareness of the technology users of security market
  5. Repository of productive information about security market in India: number of organization offering security products and services, product and service categories, specialization areas, etc