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The increasingly liberalized nature of the economy, rapidly changing technology and newer business models are taking utmost advantage of the process of globalization. IT has become central in fulfilling the organizational mission. However, most organizations, whether large or medium, continue to deploy and operate systems to meet their business objectives without fully appreciating the need for effectively governing enterprise-wide information security (IS).

  • Businesses continue to drive IT operations, which in turn try to sustain existing systems, often at the cost of security.
  • Customers, on the other hand, are demanding more security as their worries about cyber crimes, privacy and identity theft grow.
  • In the networked world, business partners, suppliers, and vendors also demand assurance of essential and adequate security when they inter-operate to share information and business data for faster and cost-effective transactions.
  • Regulatory and law-enforcement agencies, on the other hand, require proof of compliance with a plethora of security regulations.

E-Governance applications are becoming more and more pervasive in India. They are beginning to touch citizens’ lives in many ways – be it Unique Identity, passport issuance, immigration control, driving license or vehicle registration certificate; filing of income tax returns; land records, and many more. Many of these could be categorized as mission critical. Networks are being rolled out for all these projects.

All industry be it banking, telecom or others rely heavily on IT infrastructure and use them for providing services to the end customers. While technological innovations in these IT systems are continue to happen, it is important that best practices for security and privacy are implemented by industry to providing a feeling of trust to their customers, consumers and citizens.

Securing information systems is an enormous task that places ongoing responsibilities on both the government user agencies as also on the service providers who must act as their partners in secure delivery of services, to authenticated users with assurance for integrity of data.

These applications and infrastructure store enormous amount of personal information and it becomes imperative to protect the privacy of individuals whose data are stared in these applications.

Further, some of these systems are mission critical considering their benefits to the Indian economy are also under constant threat from the cyber attackers.

This section focuses on creating a Knowledge repository in the field of Data Security, Data Privacy and Cyber Security.

National Cyber Security Awareness Month