Internet Governance: Position Paper & White Paper


Whitepaper on Contemporary Issues for MEAs

Aug 25, 2016

The whitepaper covered three dimensions- technical, standardization, resource allocation and assignment and human conduct on the..

NASSCOM-DSCI Response to TRAI – Net Neutrality

Jul 01, 2016

NASSCOM and its members firmly believe that net neutrality is a core to the future of the India’s digital economy and that the Government must..

Risk Intelligence: Harnessing Risk, Exploiting Opportunity

Jun 01, 2014

This white paper explains how organizations can change discussion about risk from the “Risk Landscape” to the “Opportunity..

NASSCOM-DSCI position on Internet Governance and ITU ITRs

Nov 01, 2012

Internet governance is an important policy and governance issue that has been raised at international level. Since the World Summit on..

NASSCOM-DSCI Position Paper on Internet Governance and ITU ITRs

Dec 01, 2011

There have been debates globally on whether in its attempts to create new International Telecommunication Rules (ITRs), the ITU trying..