Position Paper & White Paper


NASSCOM-DSCI Submission: NITI Aayog National Health Stack Scheme

Aug 08, 2018

NITI Aayog released a consultation paper for the creation of National Health Stack (NHS) and invited comments. NHS envisages a..

DSCI submission to TRAI on Privacy, Security and Ownership of the Data in the Telecom Sector

Nov 07, 2017

TRAI released its consultation paper on Privacy, Security & Ownership of Data in Telecom sector and..

NASSCOM-DSCI Inputs on TRAI Cloud Computing Consultation Paper

Jul 10, 2017

NASSCOM believes that a uniform cloud adoption policy in the nation at all levels, across the centre and states and the broader..

Nasscom-DSCI Submission on RBI Master Directions on PPIs

Apr 15, 2017

The Reserve Bank of India(RBI) recently released Master Directions on Issuance and Operation of Prepaid Payment Instruments(PPIs) in India..

NASSCOM –DSCI Submission to TRAI on Net Neutrality consultation paper

Apr 01, 2017

TRAI recently released its consultation paper on Net Neutrality and sought comments from different stakeholders including the..