DSCI Privacy Framework

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The concept of ‘Privacy’, which traditionally meant intrusion in one’s physical space, has become much larger in the cyberspace. Data Privacy is evolving as a basic right of consumers. In certain countries, it is recognized as a fundamental right, guaranteed by the constitution and supporting legal framework. While various countries share the goal of enhancing privacy protection of their citizens. Majorly, all the countries generally take a different approach to privacy.

To protect privacy of personal information from unauthorized use, disclosure, modification or misuse, DSCI has conceptualized its approach towards privacy in the DSCI Privacy Framework (DPF©) which is based on the global privacy best practices and frameworks.

The nine areas as described are organized in three layers:

  • Privacy Strategy and Processes: This layer aids in establishing the strategic and tactical elements for privacy. Creating a visibility over the personal data helps understand how the data is handled by an organization. The central privacy organization should track the personal information processed by an organization’s processes, functions, projects and operations. It should establish sound relationships with different entities of an organization for coordinating and collaborating on privacy. The privacy policy should guide and provide direction for the privacy implementation. It should be supported by appropriate processes that promise consistency in effectiveness of privacy measures. Regulatory compliance intelligence, along with contract management for privacy, ensures alignment of the privacy initiatives to changing regularity requirements and proportionality of the measures to the liability exposure.
  • Information Usage, Access, Monitoring and Training: This layer ensures that adequate level of awareness exists in an organization. A significant level of measures is deployed to limit information usage and access. And, a mechanism is deployed for privacy monitoring and managing incidents that may compromise privacy.
  • Personal Information Security: This layer derives strength from an organization’s security initiatives. However, it demands a focus on data security. DSCI has developed its Security Framework (DSF©), which can be leveraged for ensuring security of the personal information.