Nomination FAQs

Question:Who all are eligible to participate in the DSCI Excellence Awards 2015?
Answer:Corresponding eligibility criteria are mentioned against each category. Applicants are requested to read carefully the eligibility criteria before filling the application for the category.

Question: Can winners/finalists of DSCI Excellence Award 2011/ 2012/ 2013/ 2014 send in nominations again this year?
Answer: Yes, an organization or an individual can send the nominations again this year even if it won or was a finalist in the previous years.

Question: I cannot find the category for which I submitted the nomination previous year. Have the categories changed this year?
Answer:Yes, the categories have been revised this year. Few categories could have been eliminated, few renamed and other few could have been moved in other segment. We recommend that you take a few minutes to explore all the categories for this year in the category page.

Question:Are all the categories online?
Answer:Applying for all the categories in the corporate segment are online. For the LEA segment, nomination forms have to be filled and submitted over email.

Question:What is the procedure to download the nomination forms online?
Answer:When the nomination window is active, a link on DSCI website can be found where individuals would have to register themselves and select what all categories they want to apply for in Awards 2015. After submitting their interest, they will be able to download the nomination forms of the categories they applied for. The downloaded nomination forms can then be filled offline, since they will be in MS word editable format.

Question:What is the procedure to submit the nomination forms online?
Answer: When the nomination submission window is active, a link on DSCI website can be found where individuals would have to provide certain details and select those categories they want to submit filled nomination form for in Awards 2015. Once the categories are selected, the filled nomination forms can be uploaded on provided links and will then be evaluated. On successful submission nominator/ nominee will receive a confirmation email on the email provided in the details asked on submission webpage.

Question: What will happen if we are unable to submit the filled nomination form in given time frame or before the deadline mentioned?
Answer:Your nomination will be discarded and the details which were provided during registration and downloading of the form would be erased from the database after the submission window is closed. Request to please submit your filled nomination forms before the deadline.

Question:What is the procedure of attaching the supporting documents for specific question(s)?
Answer:In the downloaded nomination forms, there is a provision for attaching the required documents. Request to please use only the space provided in nomination form itself and don’t attach supporting artefacts during or on the submission link.

Question: Is there any limit on number, file type, size, etc. of the attaching documents in the questionnaire?
Answer: Guidelines for attaching the documents, wherever required, is mentioned at the same place. Please read guidelines carefully before attaching and/or uploading the documents.

Question: How significant is the word limit mentioned against each question? What if our answers stretch beyond prescribed word limit?
Answer: We request the respondents to limit their responses to the prescribed word limit. Keeping the answers succinct makes it easier for the evaluators. The evaluators reserve the right to discard any information that stretches beyond word limit.

Question: What is the type of questions asked in the questionnaire?
Answer:There would be both, objective as well as subjective questions.

Question:Do we need to answer each and every question in the questionnaire?
Answer:No question in the form would be mandatory to answer. The nominator has full right and choice to answer or not to answer any of the question. Though, during evaluation one can lose on some points if their competitor has given the answer to particular question and they have not! Some questions in the nomination forms might not carry any weightage and could be for informational purpose only.

Question: Are these awards open only for DSCI Corporate members?
Answer:The awards are open for all the organizations and individuals who are eligible to participate as per the eligibility criteria mentioned against each category. Organizations applying for the Awards in the corporate segment need to be DSCI Corporate Member.

In case you aren’t already a DSCI Corporate Member, please obtain membership to avoid rejection of nomination forms. If your organization is already a NASSCOM corporate member, you can obtain DSCI Corporate Membership free of charge. Contact awards team at for more details

Question:Is there any fee to send in nominations for the Awards?
Answer:Kindly note that there is no fee to apply for any category of the award.

Question:What are the parameters on which questionnaire will be evaluated?
Answer:Each award category has different parameters for evaluation. These parameters will be used to shortlist the finalist and ultimately, to decide the winner. These parameters have been decided using prior experience and consultation. However, these will not be made public.

Question: In what different ways can nomination forms be submitted?
Answer:Nomination forms for corporate segment can only be submitted online on the submission link provided on DSCI website, whereas for LEA segment one will need to submit the duly filled nomination form through e-mail to in either word or pdf format or send hard copies to DSCI office address.

Question: I need to modify certain details that I had earlier submitted (or I have more details to add to the nomination which I had earlier submitted). Can I resubmit my nomination?
Answer:Resubmitting nominations online is not suggested as if same named nomination forms are received, the form submitted first will be considered for evaluation. It would be recommended that organizations separately send updated information and artefacts via email to DSCI at, while referencing the nominations submitted earlier, or first get their wrong or incomplete submitted nomination form deleted from database by informing through email at and then resubmit their updated nomination form. Individuals may resubmit their completely filled nomination forms by 15th October 2015

Question:Our nominations may contain some sensitive information. Are entry forms kept confidential?
Answer:Consolidation of all the nomination forms and other information received from various organizations will be done by DSCI Excellence Awards Process partner (PwC). Both DSCI and PwC shall take due care that the confidential information is shared only with the designated stakeholders for evaluation purposes only.

Question:How will the nominations be judged?
Answer: Nomination pre-screening will be done by DSCI and PwC to shortlist the finalists in each category after a due diligence. All the shortlisted nominations’ cases would be presented by DSCI and PwC to Jury in a Jury briefing meeting, to justify their shortlisting. An eminent jury panel will then decide the winners in each category.

Question:How do we know if our nomination gets shortlisted?
Answer:All the shortlisted organizations and individuals will be contacted and informed that their entries got shortlisted; relevant details would be shared thereof.

Question:When and where will the winners be announced?
Answer:Winners will be announced in NASSCOM-DSCI Annual Information Security Summit 2015 in December in New Delhi. All the shortlisted nominations will be sent an invite to represent their organization / represent themselves at the Awards Ceremony.

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