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Excellence in Capacity Building of Law Enforcement Agencies

  • Eligibility Criteria
    • Nomination must only be sent by State / UT Police (eg: Karnataka Police, Haryana Police, Chandigarh Police etc.)/Commissionerate (eg., Pune police, Kolkata Police) or Investigation/intelligence Agencies created by central government (eg: CBI,NIA, Income tax department etc.).

India Cyber Cop Award for Excellence in Cyber Crime Investigation

  • Eligibility Criteria

    • Each state police organisation / investigation organisation can send maximum of five entries. Self-nominations are also accepted provided they are endorsed and sent through proper channel of state police/ investigation agency thereby ensuring that not more than two five entries are received from a state/agency.

    • Only one officer should be nominated for each nomination, i.e., a state /investigation agency can nominate only 5 officers for five different cases.

    • Investigation done by any state police organisation in the country, including the National Investigation Agency, Central Bureau of Investigation etc. will be considered.

    • Cases should be of important or sensitive nature
      • Which have the potential to impact the usage of Information Technology strategically by central & state governments, industry/industries or services availed by citizens (including impact on adoption of e-governance applications/ E-Commerce/social media by Governments/Organisations/citizens)
      • or those which have caused public concern / created curiosity amongst the common citizen(s)

    • The investigating team should have made use of electronic and, technology-based tools to solve the case.

    • Cases investigated & finalized without invoking IT Act, 2000 (As amended by amendment Act, 2008) will NOT be considered for the award evaluation process.

    • Cases in which investigation is completed, and charge sheet is submitted to the court of law or those closed for other reasons, during the period - 1st August 2014 to 25th September 2015- will be considered, irrespective of year of registration. However, due weightage will be given for speedy and expeditious investigation. Also, the cases that were investigated effectively within the limits of available resources. Cases ended up with Conviction during the above period may also be nominated.

    • Since investigation is a team effort, the parent organisation must nominate one person representing the team, who has participated in the investigation, and who has contributed critically and substantially to the success of the investigation. The entry should clearly bring out the role played by the officer nominated. Officers associated with the investigation in a supervisory or advisory capacity should not be nominated for the Award.

    Important note: State Police / Investigation Agencies are requested not to reveal the identity of the victims, criminals, suspects and /or any other information of confidential nature. State Police / Investigation Agencies are requested to anonymise the case details wherever necessary. Copies of articles appeared in newspapers, copies of videos broadcasted on TV channels and other material that supports your work or outlines how the outcomes have been achieved may be sent along with the nomination form.

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