Category 1: Emerging Information Security Product Company

Eligibility Criteria

  • An Indian company which has developed Information Security product(s) can apply

  • Company that has won this award earlier is not eligible to apply

  • Company incorporated after 1st April 2008 only can apply for this category. Company started as a services company, and launched the first product after 1st April 2008 can also apply but such company must need to produce Declaration/ Proof of the 1st product launch date

  • A Company nominating any product for ‘DSCI Innovation Box’ category cannot nominate in this category

Category 2: DSCI Innovation Box – Most Innovative Idea of the Year

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Product idea/concept can be nominated

  • Product must not be older than 2 year

  • Nominated product should be an information security or privacy product, and should have the potential to make a significant impact on the information security/privacy space

  • The product should have been designed and developed in India

  • The product should not have violated/ breached/ copied any idea/ concept/ product already copyright or patent

  • The product should be a new innovation and not the conventional idea

Evaluation Process:

  • Level I: DSCI and PwC will do first level of screening after receiving the nominations based on the quality and completeness of the responses provided in the respective nomination forms.
  • Level II: DSCI and PwC may seek additional information / artifacts from the shortlisted nominations and if required, may also conduct onsite visits & interviews and subsequently shortlist finalists.
  • Level III: The Jury will evaluate the finalists along with the contribution component of audience votes through polling. Based on weighted marking, the winner will be decided.

Evaluation Criteria:
Judging products according to the following criteria:

  • Product Idea (25 marks)
    • Product relevance, novelty, USP and Vision
  • Product Roadmap (25 marks)
    • Product commercialization, management and ecosystem
  • Organization Profile (20 marks)
    • Promoter, Leadership, Management and Experience

Jury Panel score and Audience Poll

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