Q: Am I too young/old to participate?

A: No one is ever young/old to make games. But be forewarned: enter this forest only if your primary concern is to make games.

Q: How many members can a team have?

A: We maximum team size is five members. We recommend an ideal team size of three.

Q: What platform my game should be in?

A: Your game should be PC based game.

Q: Can I use third party tools and tech?

A: You can use all libraries, middleware and content creation that works for you as long as you can legally use them. Applications may be assembled using any mix of programming languages, application frameworks, and development tools. Participants are expected to bring the necessary hardware and software tools to build their competition entry.

Q: Who owns the games I make during SEGAMATHON 2015?

A: You do. We just request you to submit a build with us. It is also a healthy practice to let as many people play your games as possible, so that you can maximise the amount of feedback you can get (However, voting would be entirely peer-based).

Q: Can I make a game in a team? Or is it every man for himself?

A: You can participate in SEGAMATHON as a team or solo, whatever you prefer. The team size however, should not be exceeding five members.

Q: If I qualify for stage two, will travel and lodging be borne by the organizers?

A: No travel or lodging costs or arrangements will be done by us. Team members will be required to travel and arrange for accommodation at their own expense, if not based in New Delhi.

Q: How are prizes divided within a team?

A: We don’t do the division. We will interact with one member of the team and hand over the prizes to them. Teams should decide who this representative will be and, then, work with them. we disclaim all responsibility.

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