SMB Forum

There are 51 million SMBs(Small in India. Only 5 to 6 % of them are online. The country is witnessing a serious attempt to bring them online. It has been estimated that by 2017, 20 million of them would be online. The technology spend by the Indian SMEs has been increasing significantly. Drive to digitization is not immune from cyber security threats. The SME sector would be exposed to online cyber threats. The threat landscape is growing more advanced and targeted. Many companies in the sector are likely to possess Intellectual Property. Exposure to the Internet and accesses provided to the IPR for various reasons may have chances of leakage, as IT expands surface of attacks and possibilities of compromises. It can be a result of deliberated attack or accidental exposure. Business applications such as ERP, HRMs, etc. may get compromised during the course of operations. The IT systems and end points deployed may get compromised. The compromised systems then may be participating illegal cyber operations without even knowing to the owners. During the course of operation, the SMEs may get access to personal information. They may get subjected to the privacy and data protection expectations and obligations.

SMB Forum Objectives

The DSCI SMB forum, among other things, will have the following objectives:

  • The primary objective of setting up this forum is to have a dedicated space for communicating with the SMBs in the country and keep them updated on the Cyber Security issues and challenges.
  • The current and upcoming projects/ activities/ seminars which are being carried out for making the SMBs aware towards Cyberspace requirements on all fronts will be posted here.
  • The forum will also allow all the stakeholders to share their comments or feedback or inputs or express their interest.