DSCI-Lockheed Martin Cyber Security Awareness Initiative

DSCI-Lockheed Martin Cyber Security Awareness Endeavour for Small & Medium Businesses

DSCI, in collaboration with Lockheed Martin, has embarked upon the ‘Security Awareness Endeavour’ of national importance that aims to target Small & Medium Businesses(SMBs) as a key industry sector along with vocational training institutions . There are over 51 million micro, small and medium businesses present in the country whose contribution to GDP of India is significant which in in the range of 15-20 %. Currently 5 – 6 % of these organizations have online presence and majority of them have started the journey to be a digital organization. This initiative will entail reaching out to larger SMBs and vocational training institutions audience and sensitize them about Cyber Security concerns, ways and means they could adopt to be a secure digital organization.

This program is envisaged with consideration of specific digital transformation drivers for SMBs and Academia in India. It includes drivers such as rise of social commerce, cloud offerings, e-commerce boom, industrialization 4.0, machine learning, rise in online presence, automation and productivity enhancement with IT adoption etc. During the journey to adopt these digital transformation drivers SMBs and Academia in India are faced with complex cyber security issues which includes dynamic cyber threats, leakage of IPR/sensitive information, protecting business applications, privacy and data protection requirements , IT system protections , cyber bullying and identity theft etc.

Learning Management Portal

Online portal called Cyberaware has been set up and the following content has been uploaded:

  • CBTs- Cyber Threats & Internet Security Awareness
  • Cyber Security Game-Security Champion
  • Shoot-based videos

Enabling Secured Digitization of SMBs

LMS Portal Access

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In case you wish to explore more about the content or set up an account of your organization on the Cyberaware portal, please write to us at cyberaware@dsci.in

  • For queries pertaining to the portal, please contact Mr Vicky Pandita(91-120-4990254) or Mr Satyapal Singh(91-120-4990252)
  • For queries pertaining to the content, please contact Mr Mayank Lau(91-120-4990267) or Mr Aditya Bhatia(91-120-4990261)