DSCI Security Framework

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DSCI Security Framework (DSF©) is comprised of 16 disciplines that are organized in four layers. This section compiles practices under each discipline. DSCI Security Framework brings a fresh outlook to the security initiatives of an organization by focusing on each individual discipline of security. Each security discipline, as depicted in DSF©, has evolved with very specific approaches to address the specific challenges faced by it. Specific trends and practices have been emerging to address the specific requirements of an individual discipline. The security market, both technology products and services, has solution offerings specific to an individual discipline. Security profession is charting a path of specialization in these individual security disciplines. DSCI believes that the time has come for an organization to focus on individual disciplines and strive to achieve excellence in it.

DSF© presents a specific structure for articulating its practices under each of these disciplines. The structure divides the content of each discipline in four sections:
  • Approach to the Security Discipline: DSCI believes that there is a significant requirement of discussing the approaches, trends and practices that are driving an individual discipline. This section of each discipline articulates DSCI approach towards the discipline under discussion.

  • Strategy for the Security Discipline: DSCI also believes that each security discipline deserves a strategic treatment that will not only mature its endeavour but also optimize the resources and efforts deployed. For each discipline, DSCI recommend approaches and processes that help take a strategic review of an organization’s initiative. This section will help managers to provide a strategic direction to the organization’s initiatives in each discipline.
  • Best Practices for the Security Discipline: DSCI recognizes a need for providing a detailed guidance for systematically planning and implementing security in the organisation. Under each discipline this section, throughout the DSF©, compiles the best practices for the security implementer.
  • Maturity of the Security Discipline: DSCI believes in assessment of the outcomes and for fair assessment comprehension of appropriate parameters is an obligation. The DSF© has defined the maturity criteria for each of the discipline under this section.

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