The dynamic nature technological advancements and digitization has created many opportunities for businesses and users alike. The products and services of today focus on personalized user experiences, which requires use of personal data. The operations performed on this category of data may led to many privacy challenges and statutory compliance requirements. A possible solution for tackling these challenges lies in analyzing problem statements and coming up with innovative solutions can help alleviate our privacy posture.
Data Security Council of India in partnership with Facebook is using this approach, through the platform of an application challenge to highlight five such problem statements and encourage start-ups, researchers, entrepreneurs, students, designers, privacy and security professionals and industry to look at technological solutions and innovations in the domain to fulfill global as well as India centric privacy needs.
1. Winner! – INR 1 Lakh
2. First Runner up- INR 75,000
3. Second Runner up- INR 50,000
1. Participants are required to make their submissions via the UCCH Portal only.
The Organiser is not responsible for: (a) Late, lost, damaged, incomplete, or misdirected Entries, responses, or other correspondence,  whether by e-mail or postal mail or otherwise; (b) Theft, destruction, unauthorized access to or alterations of Entries; or (c)Phone, electrical, network, computer, hardware, software program or transmission malfunctions, failures or difficulties.

1.1 Each Participant must make a detailed submission of their product or solution on the UCCH Portal alone. The submission should at least provide the following: (a) A Succinct explanation of your understanding of the Problem Statement (b) Brief description of your approach to solving the problem statement. (You may use flow charts & diagrams) (c) What will your solution focus on? (d) Application of new/ existing technologies in the solution. 

1.2 In case of team participation, the team lead would be required to make the submission on behalf of the team. The team composition details (name, organisation, email id) are to be uploaded along with the idea submission in a word format. A team shall consist of max. four (4) and min. two(2) team members only. Each participant is only permitted to register in one team.

1.3 The Challenge - We have laid out five (5) challenge problem statements, with a downloadable summary for reference. Pick up to 3 (three) Problem Statements and submit  your ideas for final selection.

1.4 The shortlisted participants would be invited for the presentation round.

1.5 Presentation: Selected participant/participants would have 8 minutes to present, including a minimum 30- second  live demo of working proof of concept / prototype / app, and Q&A session with the judges.

Please refer the terms and condition attached with each problem statement for more information.


The Idea submissions for the challenge would be accepted from 25th July to 1st September 2019. No submissions will be accepted post expiration of challenge duration period.


In case of any queries please write to  pac{at}dsci{dot}in 


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